About us?
Peruvian company dedicated to the import and distribution of reagents, materials and equipment for the various types of quality control laboratory. Our purpose is to cover your requirements in the area of ​​research, quality control, sample analysis, educational, environmental monitoring, food industry, etc.
quienes somos qymlab


  • 1. Portable, pocket-sized benchtop pH meters
  • 2. Optical and digital refractometers
  • 3. Chlorine meters
  • 4. TDS meters
  • 5. Conductivity meters
  • 6. Multi-parameter meters
  • 7. Turbidity meters
  • 8. Microscope camera
  • 9. Photometers
  • 10. Calibration solution (pH, EC, TDS)
  • 11. Room thermohygrometer
  • 12. Glass thermometer, digital
  • 13. Test kits for water analysis (chlorine, hardness, nitrates, nitrites, iron, sulfates, DO)

All product and equipment purchased is of high quality, they have the support, quality and guarantee of the manufacturer.

We provide technical support, calibration and certification service, preventive-corrective maintenance and repair of various laboratory equipment.

With the assurance that we will know how to attend to all your requirements as soon as possible and permanently available for any additional questions, we especially appreciate a call from you to our sales office.